Sunday, September 6, 2009

Don Harper- New Decade - London Studio Group, De Wolfe Music

This is original Don Harper film score.. 27 library tracks for your collection! regards R.J.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chariots of the Gods- The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra

A remarkable vintage soundtrack! (R.J.)
Reminiscences Of The Future, Nazca Imaginary Landing In Peru/ Valley Of The Gods/ Popular Myth And Destruction Of Sodom/ Chicken Itza Temple Of The Virgins/ The Bible Book Of Ezekiel/ The Red Sea/ The Obelisk Of Karnak/ Stars And Rockets/ Gods From Strange Planets/ Returning To The Stars/ Rocket Science/ Tula Monumental Sculptures/Cult Music And Mussel Horn/ The Pyramid Of Cholula / Lake Titicaca/ Wondina Came From Heaven To The Mortals/ Easter Island/ Angel Of Promise/ The Flying God From Palenque. [ 01 ] [ 02 ]

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ron Jon Collection- Vol 01

(still) coming soon...aug 2010..

Ralph Sutton & Jay McShann - Last of the Whorehouse Piano Players

Do you like ragtime and piano Blues? this is a nice compilation,
hope you enjoy it! (R.J.)
Honey / Old Fashioned Love / Fore Day Rider/ On the Sunny Side Of The Street /Sweet Georgia Brown / Do Wah / Indiana / Deed I Do/ Crazy Rhythm/ Cherry/ Pretty Baby/I've Found A New Baby/ JazzSpeak (spoken commentary)
3 parts downloading... {part1} {part 2} { part 3}

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Art Tatum - The Art of Tatum-1938-39

This Post is dedicated for all Jazz Piano lovers!
Originally recorded in Los Angeles 1938-39.
Fine and Dandy/ I've Got the World on a String
I've Got a Right to Sing the Blues/ I'm Coming Virginia
Day In - Day Out/ Make Believe/ Sweet Emmalina
Indiana/ Sweet Lorraine/ I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)
I'll Never Be the Same/ Judy/ Elegy/ Body and Soul
Can't We Be Friends/ All God's Chillun Got Rhythm

Magpie - UK TV Themes from the 70´s

A great CD, a brilliant collection of 70's U.K. TV themes,
adverts, tracks from movies, library music.
Magpie-Murgatroyd Band / Whole Lotta Love-CCS/Belfast Boy-Don Fardon/ Hot Pants-Alan Hawkshaw/ The Good Word -Johnny Scott/ TC Theme -Samantha Jones / Another Love-Stanley Myers/Man Of Action -Les Reed/ Whatever Happened To You-Highly Likely/ Chopper-Hot Rocks/ Loots The Root-Steve Ellis/ Thank You Baby-The Matchmakers/Waiter-Krimson Kake/ Laughing Sam-Patchwork/The Family Theme -Mr Brooks/The First Time-Stanley Myers/ Tarot-Andrew Bown/ Rumplestiltskin-Alan Hawkshaw/ Spirit In The Sky -Featuring Elton John/ Neville Thumbcatch -aka Jason King

Tony Hatch- Hatchback

In 1975 I took my girlfriend Pamela to the sea scapes
at Ventura bay. I remember the tune "You´re the one"
while heading coast north. Not long time ago?
Tony Hach, the british Bacharat is defitely amazing!
You're the One/ Round Every Corner/ Beautiful in the Rain
Latin Velvet/ Music/ Crosstown Commuter/ I Know a Place
Look for a Star/ Herbin/ Sugar and Spice/ Love Hustle
Who-Dun-It / El Payaso/ Where Are You Now/
Brasilia Mission/ Return to the Stars/ Sole Bossa Nova
Bahama Sound/ Brazilia/ Finito

The Manfred Minnich Orchestra- Studio One 29

Manfred Minnich - Drive to Philharmony/Manfred Minnich - Join the Party
Manfred Minnich - Strings on Wings/Manfred Minnich - Grand Hotel
Manfred Minnich - Doreen/ Manfred Minnich - High in the Sky
Manfred Minnich - Lucky Boy/ Gerhard Narholz - Swinging Pizzicato
Gerhard Narholz - Beaty Latino/ Gerhard Narholz - Quiet Dream
Gerhard Narholz - Sunny Morning/Gerhard Narholz - Sweet Melody
Gerhard Narholz - Miss Nelly /Gerhard Narholz - Melody for Lovers

Batman Theme- Original Soundtrack- Neil Hefti- 1966

Batman Theme / Evil Plot to Blow up Batman
Sewer Lady / The Mafista / Holy Diploma, Batman....Strait A´S!
Eivol Ekdol, the Albanian Genius / The Batusi
Just a Simple Millionaire / My Fine Feathered Finks
Mr. Freeze / Jervis / Batman Chase

Keith mansfield is one of the Finest and Tremendous
Composers of all times. The day will come the music world
will pay tribute to his genius. I am bringing to you one of
his recordings for KPM Library Music. Absolutely Great!
Keith Mansfield - The Joys of Spring / Keith Mansfield - Play the Game
Keith Mansfield - Ode to Rock Opera / Keith Mansfield - Young Generation
Keith Mansfield - Swingle Song / Keith Mansfield - Roller Coaster
John Cameron - Fly Away / John Cameron - Sweet Summer
Keith Mansfield - Husky Birdsong / Keith Mansfield - Gentle Persuasion
Keith Mansfield - Sundown / Keith Mansfield - The Loving Touch
Keith Mansfield - Loving Spoonful

John Cameron - Half Forgotten Daydreams
John Cameron - Liquid Sunshine

KPM 1109- The Magic of Bouchety

Superstar 1 / Superstar 2
The Great Love Affair /Venus
20th Century Pageant / The Girl From La Mancha
Chicago Generator /The Magic Castle / Birth of a Generation
Lucky Streak / Growing Up /Taking Off 1Taking Off 2 /
Meanwhile Back in the Studio